Ajmal Flora Valley

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Have you ever wanted to live in a garden of Eden? 

Ajmal Flora Valley is your very own modern day garden of Eden. One of our most ambitious real estate projects, Ajmal Flora Valley provides you with the best experience that echoes a harmonious living.

Ajmal Flora Valley is a sprawling 72-acre project located amidst greenery and scenic hills. Be at one with nature in this thoughtfully designed real estate project.

We have brought together the best architects, landscape artists and designers to create a project that will meet your aesthetic and practical living needs. Ajmal Flora Valley project has been designed keeping in mind the principles of Vaastu.

So, what makes Ajmal Flora Valley different? As a buyer, you have the choice of purchasing your own plot of land and build your own villa. We will also be building predesigned villas as part of the project. Ajmal Flora Valley will also be having residential apartments and commercial spaces to be built alongside the villas. At Ajmal Flora Valley, we bring together the best of planning, innovation and design to create a living experience like no other.

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