Our Heritage

Late Haji Ajmal Ali, Founder

Ajmal in Arabic means ‘most beautiful’.

Our founder Late Haji Ajmal Ali, a visionary humanist whose life was an inspiration to many who knew him, emerged from the humble surroundings in a remote yet beautiful village in Assam. What started as a mere activity of selling agar wood to his friend for perfume making, has now transformed into a strong business establishment involving thousands of people working in perfume manufacturing units and showrooms across the world.

While this has been just one part of his vision, there is a much higher purpose that lies behind his venture; catering to the toiled masses of the country who have been largely deprived of the basic facilities such as healthcare and education. Today, there are a number of healthcare units and educational institutions across the country that are catering to old peasants, women and children who are deprived of life’s basic necessities.

As the world recognizes the contributions and the legacy Ajmal perfumes has left behind, there lies a far greater story that echoes the virtues of honesty, hard work and fair business practices. Inspired by these worthy ideals the Ajmal Group today is a multi-million- dollar organisation present in many countries around the world. We are active in the business verticals of perfumery, agriculture, textile, leather, health care, education, and real estate. Building on our strong foothold in the real estate sector, we have made important associations with some of the reputed builders as strategic partners and investors in major metros such as Delhi, Mumbai and particularly in Bangalore.

Late Haji Ajmal Ali’s contributions to the society has also gained recognition among many social missionaries such as Mother Teresa who inaugurated a 300-bed hospital sponsored by our late founder’s charitable organisation. In 2008, Indian filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt released a documentary called ‘Torch Bearer’ based on the life of Haji Ajmal Ali. The ideals and principles of our founder continue to inspire us in every way throughout our endeavours, and we are dedicated to uphold the vision and principles laid down by our founder.