Leadership Team

Ajmal: A Fragrance of Success

The eminence of Ajmal’s success can be routed back to the thick jungles of Assam. The tale of Ajmal’s triumph began with Ajmal Ali, the founder of Ajmal Perfumes. A visionary armed with determination and with a motto of making an entry point into the then nestling fragrance trade (the only trade known to the people of Assam back then). He wandered the jungles of the north-eastern Indian state of Assam, in search of the perfect ingredients that would ensorcel every buyer with its unique fragrance.

Their constant efforts coupled with the zeal to achieve more helped lay the foundation stone of Ajmal Perfumes. What transpired over the decades is a brand built on affluent leadership, hard work and futuristic thinking. Today, Ajmal is a regional corporate entity with a legacy portfolio of 100 varieties of perfumes, a blend of nature’s finest ingredients with an aroma capable of captivating anyone. With over 58 years of established success to account for, Ajmal has established a strong foothold in the middle east with over 130 exclusive retail outlets across the GCC and hundreds of dealerships across the globe. With an established distributor network that spans over 20 countries across the globe, Ajmal Perfumes is the only regional perfume manufacturer authorised to issue quality certificates on behalf of SASO (quality standards laid down by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organisation).