From COO's Desk

Mr. Fakhruddin Ajmal, Director & COO

COO’s Message

Ajmal, Director and COO of the Ajmal group. Mr Ajmal has successfully continued the legacy of his father to transform brand Ajmal into a more iconic yet grounded brand. Today, it has earned its repute in many households both in perfumery and in the real estate sector. Our aim is to eliminate the very idea of real estate being a deep more pocket’s privilege. We have realised our dream of an exquisite yet affordable housing commune, that our customers can feel proud of owning. Our focus on delivering unmatched class with quality and time-bound delivery has given us an unbeatable advantage over the others.

Over the past years, Mr Fakhruddin Ajmal has held multiple directorial positions in the company and has spent over three decades in the gulf region. His dynamism, inspiring leadership and dedication have helped Ajmal overcome challenges and scale great heights.

Cashing in on the local Middle East market, Ajmal Properties is a real estate venture launched on the backdrop of contributing to the UAE property market. Spearheaded by Mr Mohammed Fakhruddin Ajmal, one of the founding members of Ajmal Perfume.

The establishment is founded on the virtues of exceeding customer experience through dynamism, eco-friendliness and conforming to ethical norms. With over a decade of customer service, the company has a stronghold in India and Dubai markets.


Luxury has been the hallmark of living for the residents of Dubai, the discerning few go about making a definite statement of intent about who they are. Ajmal Real Estate caters to this market segment. The company utilises its knowledge and instinct in helping clients to invest in some of Dubai’s Prime Properties, after a careful screening of the location, infrastructure, facilities and a sense of well-being.

With a client base from all over the world, especially from Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East. The diversity reflects the testimony to the trust that patrons place in Ajmal.


'Ajmal Sarah Tower', a 16-storey mixed use building at Dubai land Residential Complex, promises the epitome of luxury in each of its 274 apartments.  Including 2 more residential projects, one 7-storied and the other 5-storied, are in progress at International City, New Dubai.

Ajmal Real Estate’s flagship residential development project, ‘Nounihal’ is currently under construction situated in the centre of the IT hub in Whitefield, Bangalore, India.


Proposals are underway for the development of more residential and commercial developments both in UAE (Dubai) and India (New Delhi, Bangalore & Guwahati)

Our forthcoming projects in India are to be launched in diverse locations such as Assam (Guwahati) in nearby areas like Narangi and Geetanagar. In UAE, an 11 storey residential project has been envisaged at Downtown Jebel Ali and another 13-storey Mix Use project in Dubailand.


With a diverse client base spanning the entire globe, the diversity bears a testimony to the trust that patrons place in Ajmal. Currently, working on projects excess of Dhs. 400 million, Ajmal Real Estate is steadily growing and establishing itself as a valuable contributor to the vision of UAE. The company is on-track to becoming one of the major players in the UAE real estate industry.