Health Care

We are committed to be associated with numerous socio-welfare programs by continually contributing to the perennial problems troubling the society. As part of our commitment towards healthcare which has become inaccessible to a large portion of the population today, we operate two medical establishments - the Haji Abdul Majid Memorial Charitable Dispensary and the Haji Abdul Majid Memorial Hospital inaugurated in the year 1995. The hospital accommodates more than 350 beddings for patients, while the dispensary offers free medical treatment, including dispersing medicines to approximately 300 needy patients daily. The state-of- the-art Hospital and Research Centre is one of the largest charity hospitals in the country. In addition, the Trust organizes short-term 'Medico-Educative' camps in backward areas to promote awareness about primary health care, family planning, AIDS, and other diseases amongst the rural populace.


Like our concern to healthcare, we understand the importance of a formal education which has been a distant dream for most of the youths. We have established centres of education that aims to boost the level of literacy in the country. The Markaz Academy is one among the many educational institutes headed by the Markazul Ma’arif group which runs a group of schools, and presently there are 21 schools operating through-out Assam. Over the past years, we have expanded to other important locations including Manipur, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai. The Markazul Ma-arif Education & Research Centre (MMERC) was established in Delhi in 1994 before it moved to Mumbai in 2000. The MMERC now offers three various courses on English and Arabic learning, a Diploma course in English Language and Literature and offers vocational and recitation training camps. The HAMM Public Trust even grants scholarships and subsidized assistance to deserving students, those who wish to pursue advanced medical studies.

Vocational Training

The growing menace of unemployment has largely penetrated to all the sections of the youth across the country. With the objective to curb the expanding problem, the Markazul Ma-arif combined with the HAMM Public trust provide counselling and training to the unemployed youth. The training aims to provide the necessary job oriented skills, communication skills for the youths and helps by building confidence within them to face any future challenges.


Presently, the Markazul Ma'arif manages the Markaz Darul Yatama Goalpara - an orphanage which has spread across to more than five locations in Assam alone and houses over 900 orphans and destitute children; our other centre which is based out of Manipur has been operational lately. Children across all the centres are provided with basic amenities like food, clothing and shelter, free of cost. All the children have access to basic education as well as Islamic education coupled with moral and ethical learnings, and life lessons all aimed to capacitate them to be self-reliant and compete in the outside world. Qualified teachers including trained physical instructors provide elementary education to the residents.